About Me

An accurate representation of me:

A caricature of a man sitting in front of multiple CRTs

Speed Date

Hi, I’m Matteias (aka BitPatty or psychonauter depending on who you ask), a 29-year-old* software engineer from the Swiss mountains.


I started out writing PHP apps in Notepad++, deployed via FTP on your run-of-the-mill hosting provider. I then continued working on desktop applications in C# / WPF as well as web forms with ASP.NET. I wrote a handful of windows programs in C++ as well as a few internet bots in python, though I lost most of the source code to those :-(. Later on I started getting into reverse engineering, intercepting network traffic and corrupting binaries (I still do that when I have one or two days off).

At work I mostly develop business solutions using TypeScript. I messed around with Rust and Go but didn’t really like either - looking forward to zig!.

Everything there is to know about me

I enjoy speedrunning, flying drones, learning about planes and exploring open source tools. I watch a lot of movies, my favourite ones being Isle of Dogs, Treasure Planet and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. My favourite TV show is Life. Contrary to my nick, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is the game I enjoyed the most, while in real life I prefer playing Jass with friends. I’m from a village in the Swiss Alps and speak Romansh, Swiss German, German, English and some Italian. I’m a quartermaster sergeant in the Swiss Armed Forces. I grow some plants on my balcony. I collect LTBs. My profile image is taken from this (unofficial) Calvin and Hobbes strip. I drive a frozen white 2013 Ford Kuga Mk2 Titanium.

Our family’s coat of arms (provided by the federal archive of the canton of grisons and vectorized by Dekofabrik):

Coat of arms


Why is your twitter private?

I sleep better with the pseudo privacy that a private profile provides.

Why don’t you accept my follow request?

I don’t accept follows from people I work with on twitter. Nothing personal.

Is your project X on GitHub dead?


But there hasn’t been any update since <insert month and year>?

I keep myself busy with things outside of updating my GitHub projects. Unless the project is archived, I’m generally still interested in continuing its development. Especially game hacks require a lot of time and effort for research, development and testing, which I usually don’t have. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. More specifically, bernese mountain dogs (image source):

Picture of a bernese moutain dog

You can reach me via the following channels:

* This number might be out of date, really depends on when I last updated this website ¯\_(ツ)_/¯