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A two-headed coin..? How low can you get? I love it!

Generates GCT cheatfiles for Super Mario Sunshine speedrun practice. Apr 17, 2019
Auto-updating directory containing the most recent Nintendont revisions. Dec 07, 2017
A .NET Standard wrapper around the SpeedRunsLive API. Apr 17, 2019
Race Announcer is a Discord bot that posts and updates active SRL races. May 27, 2018
LiveSplit autosplitter component for Final Fantasy X (PC). Jul 17, 2017
Generates save files for Final Fantasy X (HD) Randomizers. Dec 09, 2017
Modified LiveSplit component to display FFX themed splits. Apr 08, 2018
Autodesk Maya to animate the 'Game of Life' in 3D. Oct 02, 2017
LUA Script for VBA-RR to print some basic stats in Pokémon Crystal. Feb 23, 2017
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Last Updated: Oct 20, 2018