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FFX Autosplitter

| Version: 1.2.4 | Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017

This repository contains the source code of the LiveSplit autosplitter component for Final Fantasy X (PC HD Remaster) made with help of Flobberworm.

It additionally features an adjustable 'Encounter Counter' to keep track of your encounters.

FFX    Autosplitter    Settings

Current Features:

  • Removes Loading times in the IGT comparison if enabled
  • Auto starts the timer if enabled
  • Auto resets the timer if enabled
  • Auto stops the timer if enabled
  • Custom split selection
  • Encounter Counter


  • Livesplit 1.6.3 or newer
  • PC Category only


Right click on your splits and click 'Edit Splits'. If your game is set to 'Final Fantasy X' you can click 'Activate' and check any options/splits you desire.

To activate the Encounter Counter, right click on your splits and click 'Edit Layout'. Hit the add ('+') button and click on Information -> FFX Display. This will add a basic component which will keep track of all the encounters in a run.