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| Version: 1.0 | Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017

This is a simple LUA script for Visual Boy Advance (Re-Recording) that prints and saves some stats of your party in Pokémon Crystal and saves it to a 'out/stats.txt' file. Sample output:

TOTODILE, HP: 27/29, Lvl: 9
PIDGEY, HP: 4/15, Lvl: 3

Non ASCII characters are replaced (for example 'Pk' and 'Mn').


  • Download the src folder
  • Open VBA-RR and start the game
  • In VBA-RR navigate to Tools > Lua Scripting > New Lua Scripting Window...
  • Select 'main.lua' from the src folder you downoaded
  • Hit 'Run'