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FFX Splits

| Version: 0.0.2 | Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017

LiveSplit.FFXSplits is a modified Splits and Title component for LiveSplit . The splits are themed using assets and textures extracted from the Final Fantasy X PC HD Remaster. A preview of the design can be found on the right. To see the component in action you can watch this past broadcast or the clip below in which I used it during a randomizer race.


  • Repeating split row background that spans over 7 rows (scrolling with the splits).
  • Cursor moving to your current split.
  • Customizable title and Splits title bar.
  • Split names are truncated automatically if they're bigger than the dark bar.


  • LiveSplit 1.7.4 (tested) or newer


  • Copy the compiled FFXSplits.dll into the components folder of your LiveSplit directory and then add it via the Layout Editor.
  • Open the Layout Settings to customize the design.